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Welcome to Christmas Seal Carrier in Denmark

Valby Frimærkecenter, Haydnsvej 2, 4.sal, DK 2450 Copenhagen SV
 Phone (+45) 31568048     mail@christmasseal.dk

Christmas Seals, Cinderellas, Charity stamps from the whole world.

Here you can buy Christmas Seals
all the year.

Danish Christmas seal from 1904



Scandinavia and Danish West Indies

We have Christmas Seals as

  • sheets
  • single seals
  • booklets
  • mini sheets
  • overprints
  • reprints
  • year books
  • local christmas seals
  • printing error
  • other christmas related issues



Please read our terms of sale and information before sending your order.
You are always welcome to send us an E mail, if you have any questions.
We have Christmas Seals and Cinderellas from all over the world.

Important information: As of July 1 st. 2020, ´Valby Frimærkecenter´ has
 taken over the Christmas Seal Carrier        
and all its activities.
July 2020